A Quiet Place – Day One

So, my thoughts and opinions on A Quiet Place: Day One. When the franchise first started, I didn’t see the first movie in theaters. I waited about six or seven months after it came out and watched it at home with my family. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it that much initially.

What I liked about the main plot of A Quiet Place is the survival instinct of the families and all the people who are basically just trying to survive. Usually, in survival scenarios, you think of rock climbers, ex-military, or people with special skills. But in this movie, they’re just everyday people showing their will to live and humanity. They aren’t portrayed as mean or unkind; instead, the movie tries to show how, in difficult situations, people can still be compassionate and kind, while fighting for survival.

I also liked the idea of a monster movie where you have to be quiet. The director calls the aliens “Death Angels,” and they crash-land on Earth, causing destruction without any explanation of why they came. The survivors adapt to a world without sound, which is the whole premise of the franchise.

In the first movie, we see one family’s struggle. The second movie expands on their story. The third one shows survivors in the city, revealing hints that the government might have known about the invasion. For instance, in the movie, when the military flies over Manhattan, they broadcast that the invaders can’t swim and suggest escaping by boat. This implies that the government was either aware of the invasion or quickly learned and tried to manage the situation.

It’s fascinating to see the continuation of the story, especially how the government destroyed bridges to trap the invaders on Manhattan, although the aliens are present everywhere. I appreciate the focus on the human side of the story—the kindness, the will to live, and the characters’ resilience.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and hope they continue the franchise. I like that the films are short, around 90 minutes, because many movies nowadays are overly long and include unnecessary scenes. These movies are short, sweet, straight to the point, and overall, just a good franchise.

Just saw A Quiet Place: Day One. It’s definitely a great continuation of the story. You get more of the backstory on how the boats got to the island, which was featured in A Quiet Place Part II. Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn did a great job; their acting was excellent. The storytelling was great, and I like how the movie gets straight to the point. Overall, it’s a fantastic continuation of the A Quiet Place franchise.


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